The Silver Lining
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This Spring


Imagine a place where there is always hope.  You live in that world everyday.  That’s what inspired me and where my story begins for this new endeavor, and getting ready to introduce my second Lookbook. The silver lining is a metaphor for optimism, and for me, hope. I believe that all things work together for good, and even in bad situations there is always hope, and hope does not disappoint.  I am continuing to build on my current featured brands including Half United, Conscious Step, and Elegantees. I wanted to start with a few brands who share a similar mission of hope; plant seeds to grow with them, and slowly introduce new brands, such as the newly introduced Starfish Project. This Lookbook features fashion that fights hunger, fashion that fights sex trafficking, fashion that provides jobs in Haiti, and fashion that provides water, books, meals, and HIV treatments. In addition, 10% of all sales go back to featured local charities. I’ve also decided to become a cause entrepreneur with ONEHOPE Wine, whos mission is to bring people together to serve & celebrate the world. Every bottle of world-class wine, gift crate, and bag of coffee helps make an impact with a nonprofit. With over $3M+ donated thus far, we’re all helping change the world, together! Men and Women all over the world should have the freedom to move through the waking world living their dreams. I hope these pieces inspire you to pursue your dreams, invest in the dreams of others, and embrace the concept that hope is FashionABLE and that you should always raise your glass to good!

Maria Miller
Owner/Investor of Dreams/Adventure Seeker


Spring — 19